Turkey during COVID-19 pandemic

Turkey’s government has introduced social isolation measures to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

People older than 65 and younger than 20 are not allowed to leave their homes at all, and the rest of the population have been asked to stay in as much as possible.

Though there are no official figures, women’s rights activists in Turkey say that there has been a considerable increase in cases of domestic violence during the lockdown. “There are significantly more people are calling our hotlines,” said Gulsum Kav, the director of We Will Stop Femicide Platform.

As a result of lockdown measures, she said, men are staying at home more than usual and women and children who are subjected to domestic violence cannot escape.

Increases in domestic violence have been reported across the world since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and the imposition of lockdown measures.

China, Spain, Germany, France, Canada and Australia are among the countries where the number of reports have grown.

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