Symptoms of kidney disease

Awareness and talks about kidney disease may not be much in the news compared to other health problems like heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s, but every individual kidney ranks right up there with most of the body’s other vital organs.

Most of the people living with this disease probably do nit even know it.

Some symptoms of kidney disease are easy to dismiss, since they are often associated with other health conditions.

Symptom of kidney disease often do not show up until the disease has advanced to the later stage, which makes it difficult to be detected at the early stage.

Still, doctors recommended that people be on the watch for the following symptoms which may indicate the presence of kidney disease.

1. Frequent urination

2. Low energy

3. Insomnia

4. Skin Disorder

5. Blood in the urine

6. Foamy urine

7. Swollen feet

8. Puffy eyes

9. Painful muscle cramps

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