How Artificial Intelligence will discover drugs in the future?

Novartis partnered with Microsoft to use AI in drug development.

Novartis and Microsoft inked a five-year deal to use artificial intelligence to design molecules, personalize medication dosing, and optimize the manufacturing of CAR-T cancer therapy.

But that’s not all. It’s quickly becoming clear that AI could disrupt the drug discovery process as artificial intelligence takes a bigger place in our healthcare system in the coming decades.

We think of logistics, retail and pharma as human endeavors, but AI and automation are coming to town in these industries. And we better get used to it. 

AI brings in new ways to discover drugs. In just the next few years, the drug-discovery paradigm may be turned upside down by using patient driven biology and data to derive more predictive hypotheses, rather than the traditional trial and error approach.

Predictive analytics and algorithms can help fight the next pandemic and come up with drugs it would take humans decades to find.

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