You must update Firefox immediately, reporting a risk to personal data

Hackers have also targeted Firefox in order to secure data from users of this browser.

Mozilla Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that makes this browser so popular, has announced that Firefox, which owns it, should be updated immediately.

“It is possible that bad actors have managed to manipulate releases made by us in order to interfere with users’ personal data,” the statement said.

Based on the findings so far, Mozilla reports that the hackers have managed to intrude on private browsers and have been able to collect personal information from various users.

But that this is fixable, because just an update to the new version is enough, which is secure and hard to prey on cybercriminals.

Just log in to Firefox and search for the About option, then just activate the update option. If you see that Firefox is up to date, then the process has begun and ends soon.

This action is very easy and will enable you to have at least Firefox on your computer.

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