Twitter enables emoji reaction to live messages

The ultimate instant messaging response system is Tapback, through which interlocutors can exchange emoji and understand without having to type.

This system first appeared on Messenger and has received mixed reactions, with many using it and liking it, while others find it annoying while waiting for word and not picture responses.

The same system has now reached out to Twitter, where users can save time and express themselves with emoji, letting others know whether it’s for or against.

“Update the app and you’ll see what happens,” was the warning on the official Twitter account at the time the system was launched.

Everyone who uses Twitter now has the opportunity to use these images as well, while chatting with friends in direct messages known as DM.

However, since this form of communication has been launched, it has been considered quite bizarre because it renders writing unnecessary until there is no definite definition of what the sign of the heart or flame means.

On the other hand, slipping through the conversation is much easier, though one wants to know more about the content than the reaction of the other.

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