The LG G9 can come with four cameras and a headphone jack

LG may not be as famous in the smartphone world as it once was, but they continue to provide good accessories.

They’ve provided a viable alternative to folding phones with their latest accessories, and now it also seems that the company is betting on camera upgrades on their devices, and the LG G9 is proof.

A new LG G9 has appeared in the concepts provided by @OnLeaks.

These concepts tell us the first LG device for 2020.

This new device now includes four camera sensors placed in a way that reminds us of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

There is no camera information, but we expect it to include at least one periscopic zoom lens. LG is now removing fingerprint sensors mounted in the past, or at least we don’t see them in conceptual images.

This device will probably be launched at MWC, and will include a headphone jack.

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