OnePlus introduced the disappearing camera phone, inspired by the McLaren sports car

At CES 2020, OnePlus unveiled the Concept One’s missing camera phone, inspired by the McLaren 720S Spider sports car.

The front is identical to the OnePlus 7 Pro, while the built-in features, which is still in the concept phase, are expected to have the same.

However, the rear is much more special, as the split makes it look like a McLaren roof top.

The camera activates, removing one camera from the top, while in the middle switches on three more.

The capabilities of these cameras allow them to shoot even in low light environments. Built-in also has some filters, which stop light in the environment with powerful light, for a much sharper image.

While, their activation is reduced from 45 seconds to 0.7 seconds, which is the same as activating a regular phone camera.

The one-of-a-kind OnePlus Concept One phone still remains a concept and it is not known when it will be produced.

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