Israel equipment tested, forecasts earthquakes 4 hours before they happen

A system that can predict earthquakes, at least 4 hours before they occur, will be tested at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest. The system will be able to detect the magnitude, intensity and approximate epicenter of the earthquake and will be tested in the Vrança region, Mediafax said.

The system was built by Israeli company Ionoterra. The system is still in its infancy, but after the first tests conducted in Turkey and Greece it has proved successful. In the next phase, the system will be tested in the Romanian region of Vrança, one of Europe’s most active seismic zones.

According to the rector of the Polytechnic University, the system will be operational in the first half of 2020, which is expected to provide authorities with information on earthquakes to show how the system works in practice.

The rector says the test will also be conducted in California.

“According to calculations made by the Polytechnic University, we are confident that we can have reliable information at least 4 hours before the earthquake occurs. I repeat, at least 4 hours, as it can be even more, ”said Minea Costoiu, Rector of Romania’s Polytechnic University.

Israeli company Ionoterra, which built the system and officially introduced it in Romania on Friday, claims that earthquake warnings could be issued eight hours before it occurs. Preliminary tests were conducted in eastern Greece and western power, using a minimum forecasting system, with a success rate of 90%.

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