Huawei unveils the sales figures of their folding phone, the Mate X

Samsung recently told the world that they managed to sell almost 500,000 units of the Galaxy Fold in 2019.

This message did not come without a backlash from the main competitor regarding the folding phones.

So now, Huawei has revealed Huawei Mate X sales figures.

According to a report from Sina, Huawei has sold 100,000 folding devices every month.

It is known that the Huawei Mate X was launched on November 15, and while these figures are accurate, it can be said that the Chinese giant has sold nearly 200,000 units to date.

The Galaxy Fold has clearly sold more units, but remember that this device was available in the US, South Korea, the United Kingdom and some European countries, and it has been on sale since September.

Mate X was not available worldwide due to current US trade problems.

It is expected that a Huawei Mate XS will be introduced during MWC 2020 and will probably be released in more international markets.

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