Facebook is bringing the new design to quiet, incorporates dark mode and has another look

Facebook has quietly introduced a new interface to new desktop users, which also brings dark mode.

Some users have already been given test access to the new version of the site.

The new design was first announced in April 2019, and it is not clear why the site has taken so long to launch.

The new version slightly changes the logo, making the background blue in the shape of a circle instead of a square, and has a slightly lighter tint to the blue.

Those who have been invited to try the new version of Facebook can also choose between the standard white background and the new background in dark mode, similar to those that have become popular in many other apps in recent months.

In its first April statement, Facebook said: “We just announced a new, new design for Facebook that makes communities as central as friends. The FB5 is simpler, faster, more inclusive and makes it easier to find what you’re looking for and get to your most used features. ”

The redesign may aim to give Facebook a new chance at a time when most of the titles the company has created have been extremely negative.

Some time ago, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg seemed to claim that his platform could have prevented the Iraq War.

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