European Parliament calls for urgent introduction of universal charger for mobile phones

MEPs called on the European Commission to accelerate the introduction of a universal charger for all mobile phones and other portable electronic devices in the interest of consumers and the environment.

In the Radio Equipment Directive 2014, EU lawmakers called for the creation of a universal charger and empowered the Commission to continue working on it through a delegated act.

At a plenary session in Strasbourg, overwhelmingly MEPs demanded the introduction of universal chargers as soon as possible, compatible with all mobile phones, tablets, readers, e-books and other portable devices.

A number of lawmakers have criticized the Commission’s slowness and inefficiency in implementing the directive, and some have expressed doubts that it may be afraid to oppose corporations opposing such a measure, such as Apple.

Since the adoption of the directive in 2014, the Commission has relied on recommendations, expecting manufacturers to voluntarily harmonize their products, but this approach has failed.

According to estimates, older loaders generate more than 51,000 tonnes of electronic waste per year.

Consumers can save half a billion euros by 2021 by implementing this measure.

At the conclusion of the debate, it was announced that the EC would shortly present a proposal regulating the issue.

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