Apple may launch six iPhones in 2020, sources say

Apple usually launches three iPhones every year, but recent rumors have speculated that 2020 will be different.

According to them, we can see up to six devices, four of them with OLED display, while the regular iPhone 12 and successor iPhone SE with an LCD panel.

This new iPhone SE 2 is also supposed to be called the iPhone 9 and now, more information has surfaced.

Now, talk about the possibility of getting a second LCD iPhone.

Supply chains are usually a great source of information, and this time Digitimes has made a report citing Chipbond Technology.

There is specific evidence claiming that this company received orders for two different LCD devices as Chipbound makes shipments for LCD screens.

This information leads us to believe that Apple may be planning to give us a second iPhone 9 later in the year, perhaps the iPhone SE 2 Plus, or the iPhone 9 Plus.

This new iPhone will look like the iPhone 8, but it will pack better features, and can start at $ 399.

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