Apple introduces iPhone Xs and Xs Max repaired by the company, costing cheaper than new versions

Apple added the 2018 models, the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, to their program of repaired devices.

This basically means that you will be able to buy a unit, officially repaired by Apple, at a lower price than a new phone of these models.

A repaired iPhone Xs starts at $ 699 with 64 GB of storage and goes up to $ 999 for the 512 GB model.

The iPhone Xs Max will cost you $ 799 for the 64GB model, $ 929 for the 256GB variant, and $ 1,099 for the 512GB version.

These repaired models come with a new battery and wrappers, are packaged in a new box complete with all accessories, so you basically get a new phone, officially inspected and tested by Apple.

Save anywhere between $ 300 and $ 350, compared to the price of a new phone.

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