Windows 10 for mobile phones is gone, no longer supported with updates

The Windows Phone operating system is non-existent. This time, it’s not just figuratively dead, as the story has often been.

As of today, the 1709 version of Windows 10 Mobile, the final version of the operating system, is no longer supported.

The latest update arrives today as part of this month’s set of Patch Tuesday updates.

The quantity of phones affected by the extinction
of Winows Phone is small, and not just in terms of

The models that actually got the 1709 version were the only ones shipped with Windows 10 Mobile.

Windows Phone started its life in 2010, or at least in its modern form. Of course, Windows Phone 7 was preceded by Windows Mobile, Zune, Pocket
PC and Windows CE.

The company celebrated the launch by famously launching a parody funeral for the iPhone.

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