Why is folate important to the body?

Folate is a B-complex vitamin that plays a major role in the production of DNA and RNA.

Folate is needed for normal cell replication and division. A shortage of folate in the body can cause megaloblastic anaemia.

Megaloblastic anaemia occurs when your blood cells are large and can’t carry enough oxygen to the cells in your body.

Also, women who are pregnant, or are planning to get pregnant, need folate to lower the risk of a birth defect commonly known as spina bifida.

As an average adult, you need about 400 micrograms folate every day. For pregnant women, the demand is higher. A pregnant woman needs about 600 micrograms every day.

Some of the healthy foods that are rich in folate are Asparagus, sunflower seeds , chickpeas, peanuts, spinach and chivken liver.

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