Tottenham want Bale back, offer Eriksen and money for the Welshman

Gareth Bale could return to England and to his former Tottenham Hotspur squad.

The Welsh striker is not having a good time in Madrid as his relations with coach Zidane are not the best.

The Londoners are ready to bring Ball back to the squad and have now prepared an offer for him.

Christian Eriksen has refused a contract renewal and the Spurs want to remove him in January to take advantage of his sale.

English media have reported that Tottenham want to include the Danish in the bid for Gareth Balen.

The Spurs have prepared a £ 30million offer plus Eriksen’s services to take Whale to London.

It remains to be seen whether Real will accept the offer, as Eriksen is one of Zidane’s wishes.

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