Tips for running in the rain

Running in the rain may appear challenging, but it’s totally possible.

It strengthens your resolve as a runner when you go out and train in less than ideal conditions, and also helps in building up your confidence and mental toughness.

Picking up the challenge of running in the rain helps to push yourself, which is never a bad skill to practice.

The following are some basic tips to follow while running in the rain.

  1. Swipe Vaseline or Body Glide onto sensitive areas like your inner thighs, underarms, feet and chest, this helps to minimize chafing.
  2. Wear pair of thin socks outside of your regular running socks to prevent blister.
  3. Avoid slippery surfaces like grass and trails unless you have proper footwear and plenty of trail-running experience.
  4. At all possible time, ensure you are running on sidewalks.
  5. Ensure you are wearing light reflective or fluorescent clothing so you’re always visible to car drivers.
  6. Don’t attempt a personal record.
  7. Ensure you get dried off and warm as quickly as possible after running.

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