The images of Galaxy Buds + are displayed

Before the AirPods Pro was announced, there were rumors that Apple’s AirPods could come with the noise canceling feature, which eventually proved to be true.

Now it looks like Samsung might be looking to do the same with Galaxy Buds and thanks to the leaked images, we have an idea of ​​what the future Galaxy Buds might look like.

This is based on images revealed by the team at XDA Developers in the latest APK of Samsung’s SmartThings app, which means that in terms of leaked images, they are quite valid.

However, if you were hoping for a new design, you might be disappointed as the released footage suggests that Samsung may not have any design changes.

Aside from leaked images, not much is known about the hearing aids other than speculation than they may exhibit active noise cancellation.

We imagine that Galaxy Buds + will be announced at CES 2020, or the most likely scenario will be at the Samsung event in the early part of the year, where they will announce the Galaxy S11.

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