The Concept One may be the first foldable phone from OnePlus

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau recently told us to expect something interesting in January.

More details followed, and we found out that OnePlus was going to have a special presentation during CES 2020.

Some thought we might see the launch of the OnePlus 8 Lite and maybe something more, but it was soon revealed that we were going to see a new device called the OnePlus Concept One.

Folding phones are becoming more popular, and apparently, OnePlus doesn’t want to be left behind.

According to a new report from The Korea Herald, the new OnePlus concept will be the company’s first folding device.

Perhaps the best part of this is that OnePlus is a well-known company for giving us great features and features for less money, so it would be interesting to look at the price tag on the first OnePlus folding device.

Now, we will probably have to wait, as this is still a concept, but more importantly, still just a rumor.

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