Samsung has sold 1 million units of Galaxy Fold, the company’s CEO says

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was launched not too long
ago and it looks like the device has already enjoyed

This according to Samsung Electronics president Young
Sohn, who during TechCrunch Disupt Berlin, revealed
that the company has managed to sell up to 1 million
units of folding phones to date.

Sohn also went on to explain the process of launching
Samsung products to get ratings, which they never
would have received had they kept the phone in the lab.

When asked by TechCrunch’s Matt Burns if the
company was feeling good selling what was actually a $
2,000 prototype device, Sohn responded affirmatively,
referring to the number of sales.

It has been rumored that the Korean giant will launch a
new Galaxy Fold in 2020, and hopefully the mistakes
learned this round will not make an appearance in the
next model.

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