Felix says he was surprised when he was bought so expensive by Atletico Madrid, but felt no pressure

Atletico Madrid star Joao Felix has said he is no longer feeling the pressure of 126m euros spent by his club on transfer from Benfica.

The Portuguese, who turned 20 last month, became the third most expensive player in football history when he moved from Benfica in the summer.

Arriving as a big summer transfer, Felix has not yet come to life with Diego Simeones’ team struggling for consistency, but he says the nature of his arrival is not on his mind.

“126 million euros is not a burden on me. But when I signed, I thought, ‘Wow, I cost 126 million euros!’ “Felix initially told A Bola.

Felix lost six games between October and November with a leg injury, but has appeared in every other match in the Championship and the Champions League.

After scoring 20 goals in 43 appearances for Benfica last season, the talent currently stands at four goals from 18 matches and manager Simeone has been looking to see more of Felix as he adjusts to Atletico’s style.

“Simeone says these things and they are not negative things for me, they are things to improve.”

“That’s what he thinks, so I’ll work to have a little more ‘gasoline’, a little more durability.”

“Of course, I’m growing every day – if we work every day, we grow every day.”

“When the ball starts to walk, the goals will start to come one after another and all the sacrifices will have been worth it,” the Portuguese concluded.

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