Examples of cardio exercises

Some of the cardio exercises you can take part in include standard workouts like running, cycling and stair climbing, kickboxing, shooting hoops and shoveling snow.

Cardio exercise option are almost unlimited. All you need is to just keep the intensity high enough to challenge your heart and lungs.

Cardio can be a steady state exercise that’s done at low to moderate intensity, like jogging or an easy bike ride.

Cardio can also be a high-intensity intermittent exercise done at intervals where you go all out for 20-120 second bursts and then rest just long enough to allow you to do through the next round with equal intensity.

Examples include Tabata and Shaun T’s workouts. Remember, whatever cardio activity you pick should involve large muscle groups in the legs and trunk, since smaller muscle groups like the biceps and calves don’t create the oxygen needed to challenge the cardiovascular system on their own.

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