Change to Messenger that users will dislike

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can no longer sign up for the Messenger app. In 2015 the company allowed users to sign up for Messenger with their phone number only.

The company has already confirmed the changes, saying most people who use Messenger have a Facebook account. But on the other hand it showed that the new rules apply only to new registrations.

Those who use the app without a Facebook account will not be affected. But everything has not gone well for them because users are being warned to sign up for Facebook otherwise their accounts are restricted.

The latest move appears to be part of the company’s plan to make the experiences between its apps like Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp interchangeable.

The idea of ​​subscribing to a phone number communication service comes because of the privacy and security it offers and this is exactly what has made WhatsApp popular.

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