Australia is “taking fire”

Australia could experience its hottest day on record next week as a severe heatwave in the country’s west is set to make its way east, forecasters say.

Temperatures are expected to exceed 40 degrees, starting on Wednesday, says the local bureau of meteorology.

The current record of 50.7C was set on 2 January 1960 in the South Australia. In western Australia, temperatures over the weekend have reached 41 degrees Celsius.

“We are expecting very hot weather next week, which could set a record for many regions of Australia,” said metrologist Diana Eadie.

In Melbourne, in Victoria state, the temperature is forecast to hit 41C on Friday. The heatwave is also expected to affect areas of New South Wales and southern parts of the Northern Territory.

Similar high temperatures were recorded on January 7, 2013, when the thermometer reached 40.3 degrees Celsius.

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