Android 9 Pie

Android Pie utilizes a refresh of Google’s “material design” language, unofficially referred to as “Material Design 2.0”. The revamp provides for more variance in aesthetics, encouraging the creation of custom “themes” for the base guidelines and components rather than a standardized appearance. Bottom-aligned navigation bars are also more prominent. As applied to Android Pie’s interface, rounded corners (influenced by the proprietary Google theme used by in-house software implementing Material Design 2.0) are more prominent. In addition, Pie contains official support for screen cutouts (“notches”), including APIs and system behaviors depending on their size and position. Android certification requirements restrict devices to two cutouts, which may only be along the top or bottom of the screen.

Android 9 harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to give you more from your phone. Now it’s smarter, faster and adapts as you use it.

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