Play Xbox Games at Windows 10

With Microsoft pushing Xbox One game streaming for Windows 10 PCs and tablets in a big way, it’s but obvious that the Redmond-based company would not stop there.

While the Xbox One can do 1080p and 60 frames per second in a precious few games, that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from bringing 1080p/60fps game streaming from the console to Windows 10 tablets and PCs with the August update to the Xbox app on Windows 10.

“You can now stream games from your Xbox One to Windows 10 devices in high-res HD quality at 1080p/60fps. The new streaming capability works best for gamers who have home networks with adequate bandwidth,” a post on Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb, Director of Programming for Xbox Live,blog reads.

To do this, you need to access the Settings menu in the Xbox app on Windows 10 and select Game Streaming. Here you need to set the video encoding level to Very High. This will allow you to stream games from Xbox One at 1080p and 60fps. Notably, the same ‘Very High Quality’ setting feature was enabled unofficially by a developer last week, and Microsoft’s move to offer the feature to users seems to be a response to that.

Other additions part of the Xbox app update for Windows 10 include the ability to enable or disable notifications, an animated display of your recently played games, comparing achievements with friends, and manual addition of games to the app.

In addition to this, issues revolving around sign-in, localisation, and game streaming reported by a subset of Windows 10 users have been resolved as well. On obtaining the update, the version number should be 8.8.6000.00000 or higher.

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