Complete Analysis of Lenovo Y50 Gaming Laptop

We are now entering into an era where gaming laptops will further go slim and the weight will be decreased in coming times. Lenovo has also entered into this field now and they are also bringing some good gaming laptops.

One of their latest models is Lenovo Y50. It is a gaming laptop with a thin screen and the weight is very less. It may not be as thin as other gaming laptops but it is certainly good for many users and they are taking steps into the right direction. Lenovo hasn’t brought many gaming laptops before but this model certainly gives the clue that they are capable enough to bring good models for this section also.

The price of this model is going to be around $1200 into the marketplace and the model is loaded with 2.4GHz Intel Core i7-4700HQ processor. A good graphics card is an integral part of a gaming laptop and this model doesn’t disappoint in this segment. You can utilize Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M piece here. Therefore you can comfortably enjoy your favorite game with high-quality performance.

The weight of Lenovo Y50 gaming laptop is 5.29 pounds and the thickness is just 0.94 inches. If we talk more clearly then the dimensions are 15.23*10.37*0.9 inches. It is well enough as you can comfortably carry it without any difficulty. The keys of the model are perfectly placed and you can easily play any game. JBL speakers of this laptop are excellent and most of the experts are satisfied with its performance.

One of the best things about the model is that it doesn’t give you any heating issue. Therefore even if you play games for a long time then it will not give you any trouble. It contains an excellent 720p webcam also. However some experts are not satisfied with display and battery. Do not forget to check these two points before purchasing this model.

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