Xiaomi Mi3 & Mi4 Can Offer Good Competition to Other Makers

Xiaomi mi3 is a premium Android smartphone developed by Xiaomi Tech in China recently arrived in international market and specialists are praising it for its quality. Though it was released in China last year but it took some time to turn up in other parts of the world. The model has successfully created a huge buzz as people have liked the performance.


The front section of the model is completely black plus it has an exclusive cut-out for the earphone at the top of the model. The dimensions are 5.7*2.90*0.32 inches and it weighs 145 grams. It works through Android version 4.4.2 operating system plus it has a Quad-core processor. The aluminium–magnisium alloy casing gives the model a premium appearance.


Xiaomi Tech also unvield their new Xiaomi mi4 smartphone a couple of days ago. Rumors were going around from more than two weeks about this model. Experts were saying that the model may have a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera. It proved to be true. The chances are high that the gadget is going to attain success like its predecessor as the features of the model are remarkable.


Xiaomi is steadily creating its space into the international market. Their models are not only affordable but they are of good quality also. Xiaomi mi4 will have many new and useful features like health-monitoring device and other innovative things. You can get many valuable characteristics within an economical range. Look of the model is great and it can handle multi-tasking features without any problem. Company has added a 5 inch display on both these models. Therefore you may not face any issue while playing games and videos.


It is very clear that the company is determined enough to bring high-quality models with economical price tag. Xiaomi mi3 is available but there are no specific official words for the release of Xiaomi mi4 so far. The models are reliable. Therefore do not forget to check it before you buy any other device.

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